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Undoubtedly, environmental aspects have involved us with various disciplines and areas of Law that, in one way or another, require a specific and particular study or analysis in order to provide assertive guidance and legal advice, such is the case of HEALTH issues, of SECURITY, HYGIENE,  where the proper handling and in accordance with the law, of chemical and toxic substances that involve authorities such as the Secretaries of HEALTH, SEDENA, STPS, GOVERNMENT, SEMARNAT, SCT, among others, they are front-line actors where adequate guidance and advice on the various legal and technical provisions that are applicable in each case is essential  for the proper development of the production processes where they are employed ; each order, each authority has its own style and nature; being involved with the processes and activities that require proper guidance in the various areas, allows us to support and guide for the proper achievement of the project's objectives.

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