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One of the highly important aspects of environmental issues is interdisciplinarity, that is, the various professions that have to be involved to achieve the projects; thus, we see engineers, biologists, sociologists, anthropologists, economists, administrators and lawyers in a single project; all of them under supervision or coordination  that  allows the achievement of the objectives and goals set; We have called the above "accompaniment, guidance and advice" for the proper decision-making in the various stages of a project, which will always be of importance so as not to leave spaces that ultimately represent unnecessary costs, from the analysis of the decisive in terms of environmental impact, in terms of waste, on emissions into the atmosphere,  related to water resources, on forestry issues and in general, on the various actions that have to be implemented so that the project " fly" in full compliance, in addition to the legal provisions, in accordance with the terms and conditions that the Authority establishes in its permits, concessions, licenses and authorizations that, in general, the project seeks for its development.

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