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IDEASPAS was created with the intention of collaborating with the various productive sectors and promoting, together with them, returning to the environment and society some of the benefits they provide us, through knowledge, research, study and practice of law. environmental.

Our goal is to resolve and develop issues with a focus on prevention and consideration of the environment in which the various productive sectors operate; With this, there is the possibility of developing capacities with a social purpose, and thus, it is possible to provide certainty and objectivity when preparing environmental impact and feasibility studies, environmental diagnoses, environmental legal audits, environmental legal orientation and in general , the advice that has been provided for more than 30 years, with a legal, objective, technical and scientific perspective.

We accompany  a the productive sectors in their activities and ensure that these are both economically and environmentally sustainable, which is why it has taken care to work hand in hand with its clients, from the design and conception of projects such as in its construction, operation and future development, specializing in topics such as: Climate Change, environmental impact, management of natural resources (water, emissions into the atmosphere, waste, soil), federal land-maritime zone, forest resources, management of environmental systems, efficient use of energy and in international matters with global effects, related to the various treaties to which Mexico is a party.


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Daniel Basurto Gonzalez



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